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ATTACHMENT: Understanding Mine and Shaping Theirs is the online course you've been waiting for in order to heal from your past, increase healthy connection with loved ones and change your parenting for the better. 

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"Lindy gently challenges all of us to live an integrated life and moves us toward being the healthiest versions of ourselves so we can contribute to the greater good of the world around us.” 

 - Beth

"Lindy has been instrumental in helping me create a safe space for my adopted daughter, who has suffered immensely due to complex PTSD. I would highly recommend Lindy." - Connie

"I love talking with Lindy Green Johnson because she is safe and wise. If you need to work through some hard or complex things in your life, you will be making a great choice to connect with Lindy." - Brian 

What You'll Learn In This Course


  • Attachment: the foundational lesson of trust & the soil for growth
  • When and how is attachment built?
  • The attachment cycle of insecure and secure attachment


  • The joint work of John Bowlby & Mary Ainsworth 
  • The Strange Situation Procedure - Measuring Attachment 
  • Reflecting God’s intricate design in Psalm 139


  • Foundations of childhood development
  • What is Secure Attachment?
  • What is Insecure Attachment?


  • How We Love - What is your Love Style?
  • Why invest in attachment work?
  • Descriptions of each attachment style as a child


  • The way we relate to and connect with children is shaped by our attachment style
  • Descriptions of each attachment style as an adult
  • Reflections of adult attachment and its impacts


  • How to move toward secure attachment 
  • Growth goals for each attachment style
  • What do I do now?


  • Remember the Big Picture: investing now in long term skills & abilities 

  • Rupture & repair: what does this look like?

  • The difference between discipline and punishment

  • TBRI tool: Time in vs. time out

  • Identifying feelings and learning to use words


Whats Included In The Course

Value Packed Video Tutorials

This course includes value packed videos diving deep into complex concepts to help you better understand how it applies to YOU and your RELATIONSHIPS.

Practical Takeaways + Application

The reality is, we need to start practicing ASAP the things we are learning before our brain moves on and forgets. (We ALL know how that goes!) Concluding each module, I provide simple applications you can start implementing TODAY.

Priceless Relational Skills...

In my personal and professional experience, the material covered in this course can legitimately be life changing. I've seen it happen with my own eyes and in my own life. 

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I'm Lindy!

I'm here because I remember my own journey of learning about trauma and the ways it impacted me AND the people I loved. After years of feeling anxious and not knowing why, or feeling like I needed to have all the answers, or struggling to be in the presence of difficult emotions... I pursued my own healing.

It took time, resources, hard inner work, community, prayer, and lots of grace.

In addition to my own personal journey, my professional path as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker paired well with the things I had walked out in my personal life. NOW, I have both the lived experience AND professional training to walk alongside others on their healing journeys.

Today I'm offering this course in hopes that YOU will invest in yourself and your relationships by learning about trauma. This is a journey worth embarking. 


Who This Course Is For

PARENTS who care about the way they are parenting

INDIVIDUALS who are navigating relationships             

ORGANIZATIONS providing care or services for families

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • Someone who is not willing to work on themselves and their relationships.
  • Someone who wants quick fixes... ie: blind obedience, surface level behavior management, bandaids to deep wounds.
  • Someone who believes any course will solve all your problems. 
  • Someone who is not willing to look in the mirror, practice self reflection, and put in the work to heal and make changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access?

How does lifetime access to the course sound?

Should I Invest Before Seeing a Counselor?

Ultimately, I believe this course will support those who are interested in starting counseling as it will give you a "leg up" on where you want to keep healing. It will also be complimentary to anyone who is already participating in counseling as it will provide more direction that you and your therapist can explore further. 

Is There A Guarantee?

The guarantee is not within MY power but yours. The potential for growth, healing, and moving towards healing is in your hands, not mine. I firmly believe you will experience GREAT impact if you stay present, are willing to do the hard work, and apply baby steps along the way. Let each module be a building block!

(As I've said before, I've SEEN the life changing impact with my own eyes and I believe it's possible for you too!)


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