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Have you ever considered whether or not your childhood experiences impact the way you currently parent your own children? Research shows we will parent the way we were parented UNLESS we are mindful to make intentional changes.

ATTACHMENT: Understanding Mine & Shaping Theirs

When we take the time to explore our early childhood experiences and discover our attachment style, there are two felt experiences that result:

1. Grieving the painful, disconnected, or unhelpful dynamics of the ways we were parented


2. Celebrating the parenting dynamics that were helpful, caring, and positively shaped the way we get our needs met and relate to others in healthy ways. 

Exploring your attachment today allows you to make literal and felt changes impacting generations that come after you. And who doesn't want that? Simply doing our part to shape healthier relational patterns for our family today and for years to come.


HEALING TRAUMA: From Awareness To Freedom

Trauma is something that touches ALL of our lives whether we have experienced it ourselves OR we love someone who has been impacted by it. Or both. And here’s the deal, when you and I take time to learn about trauma, better understand its impact, and equip ourselves with trauma-informed tools, EVERYONE BENEFITS. 

In taking this course, your eyes will be opened as you connect dots of painful experiences of the past and the way it has shaped the way you or your loved one experiences the world around you.

But we don’t stop there. Throughout this course, I take time to not only help you learn more about trauma, toxic stress, the brain and more. I also take time to bring hope, grace, and truth to the table as we dive into painful concepts. It’s a BOTH/AND journey and I hope you join me.


Ready to make a change?


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